Ti penso, from Nicolás Manservigi

“Ti Penso,” roughly translated to “Thinking of You,” is the sophomore album from Argentinian baritone Nicolás Manservigi. “Ti Penso” is a concept album that draws on his Italian roots, and in his own words, it reads as a “confession or a letter where I express my feelings to different people and beings that I have loved and love.” As such, the material is deeply personal and begins with a narration that sets the tone for the listener.

Nicolás has a rich, throaty sound that seems to combine qualities of both Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban, at times dark, but also surprisingly agile in ornamentation. He possesses an impressive dynamic range, effortlessly transitioning from quieter, more intimate passages to full voice moments such as in “Come Triste Venezia”. “Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te” starts simply with humming, and my, is it delicious!

Nicolás also shines in upbeat numbers like “Il Cielo in Una Stanza,” and “Ho Capito Che Ti Amo.” Of special note is the collaboration with Delcy on “Parla Piu Piano”. The arrangement was a delightful surprise and Delcy’s soaring soprano matched perfectly. It felt more like a passionate dance than a menacing theme. Absolutely gorgeous!

“Ti Penso” is an excellent follow-up album. Nicolás and his team showcase new ideas in their arrangements and repertoire. The use of the harpsichord was unexpected yet ideal in “Dio come ti amo,” and the whimsical approach to “Nel blu di pinto di blu (volare)” is a breath of fresh air. We can only hope that Nicolás continues to produce music of this quality and highly recommend this album.

/ Fuente: Classical Crossover Magazine (EEUU)